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your mating call is important to us: a sonic apothecary for synanthropes

As Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring,” first noted, the decrease in sonic activity of an ecosystem may point to larger health issues at play. For example, due to human noise pollution, birds and insects often have to adjust the sound frequency of their calls just to be heard by one another. If soundscape ecology uses sound to monitor the health of ecosystems, what if sonic prescriptions could heal them? In this fictional history, we glimpse rival factions debating this question, including The Resounders, whose Sonic Apothecary emits elixirs for the given ills of the natural urban environment.


Artifact 1: The Resounders concocted sonic elixirs for common urban ailments, which critics warned could signal the end. Did they really work or was it all a hoax? Maybe you should try one out.


Artifact 2: Where have all the silent places gone?


Listen to a Public Silence Announcement from the controversial group who advocates for the sanctity

of quiet.

ShhhhThe Shushers
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Artifact 3 The Bureau of Night Skies and Sonic Spectra seeks volunteers to conduct sound walks. Responsible denizens are asked to keep an ear out and report any sonic discrepancies in the city. 

Agent Audio Report #5.7HThe Bureau
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Artifact 4: The Anthropophonists, otherwise known as the Loudfellas, think soundscape ecology is a hoax and need to “see it to believe it.” Their strident views still  raise some eyebrows – write a letter or response to the Loudfellas.

Normalized NoiseLoud Fellas
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Artifact 5: Add to the growing archive of historical objects from the Great Cacophony - imagine an object a Shusher/ LoudFella/ Resounder/ Synanthrope might have used.

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Artifact 6: A retrospective on the Great Cacophony


Project by The Sousrealists